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Mubashar Bakhoor Sandal Agarwood/Incense/Oudh/Chips Home Fragrance Incense


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Asash Mubashar Original Bakhoor Sandal Agarwood/Incense/Oudh/Chips Home Fragrance Oil

Home Fragrance Incense

Choose your size. The amount in the small golden container 20g and in bigger container is 30g or 60g depending on which size you choose. This is for your reference when choosing size: 20g 30g 50g 60g

Your Mubashar Bakhoor will arrive in a bottles as shown in the picture containing your chosen quantity.

Gift Wrap:
The bottles are nicely wrapped and will a perfect gift for any occasion. We can also add a personal note and additional gift wrapping for an additional fees of only £2.