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Design your own Tasbeeh


Metal Color:

Tasbeeh Design:

Pearl Bead Color:

Crystal Bead Color:

Spacer Bead Color:

Personalised Name & Ayaats:

No NameBeaded Name Charms - 1 Name +$2Beaded Name Charms - 2 Name +$5Beaded Name Charms - 3 Name +$8Beaded Name Charms - 4 Name +$10Bismillah +$10Jazakallah Khair +$10Astaghfirullah +$10Rabbi Zidni Ilma +$10

Name Terms : Ayesha Waleed is to be considered as 2 names, Ayesha is considered as first name and Waleed as second name. Separate your names with Comma “,”

Charm Pendants:

Charm Pendants:

Allah Pendants?

Allah Pendants?




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