Date Balls with Nuts

Delicious Date Balls with nuts recipe, perfect for opening fast in Ramadan. Yum!! ☺


Dates 1 kg
Almonds 200 g
Pistachios 200 g

For Binding:
Condensed milk tin / or dates syrup 100 ml

Cashews 200 g
Walnuts 200 g
Digestive Biscuits 1 packet

For Coating:
Designated Coconut ( as required )


1. Take the seeds out of dates by cutting them into half and use the chopper to chop into small pieces / chunky paste.
2. Use the chopper to crush all the nuts into 1-2 cm pieces to keep the crunch alive while eating the balls.
3. Crush the digestive biscuits into small pieces.
4. Add dates syrup if available otherwise use condensed milk for binding.
5. Now mix all the mixture in a bigger bowl.
6. Once mixed well now make small balls roughly bite size.
7. Roll them in Designated coconut to add a layer and stop them from being sticky.
8. Have them eaten deliciously 💕