Chicken Puff Pastry

Great recipe for making yummy Chicken puff pastries. yum!! ☺ 

Preparing the paste for the pastries:

Step 1: Take the fry pan
Step 2: Add butter into the pan
Step 3: Saute onion
Step 4: Wait until it gets soft
Step 5: Add two table spoon of plain flour
Step 6: Add salt and black peppr according to your taste
Step 7: Add garam masala
Step 8: Now cook it untill u get the smell of flour
Step 9: add 1 and half cup of milk
Step 10: Cook it. But don't forget to keep stirring to avoid limps
Step 11: Cook it further
Step 12: Cook untill it gets thick
Step 13: Be carful when taking it off the heat. The paste is ready for pastries
Step 14: Chop Green Onion and Green Chillies
Step 15: Add the chopped green onion and green chillies on top and mix.

Rolling out the puff pastry:

Step 16: Sprinkle the flour on the work surface.
Step 17: Unfold the pastry sheet on the work surface.
Step 18: Start making pastry shapes!

Baking the puff pastry:

Grease an oven proof dish with butter then pour in the puff pastries.

For a stunning golden glow, brush the pastry lid with egg. Then place the dish into the oven, middle shelf and set the gas mark to 5. Cook for 20-25 mins and then take out of the oven to cool.